Guided Tours

Explore World History through exhibits and aircraft at The Museum of Aviation!

Guided Tours are history-based tours led by trained staff from the

Museum of Aviation Education Center.

You will also go inside the C-130 “Hercules” airplane for an

Inside-an-aircraft experience. 

While inside the C-130 “Hercules,” you will watch a video on paratroopers and other missions performed by the C-130.

To correlate the Guided Tour specifically to your classroom curriculum,  please advise when scheduling.  Standards that can be met are SSH6 (a)(b)(d)(e).

Guided Tours last approximately 1.5 hours.

The Guided Tour will include one or more buildings.

The minimum number of students required for a tour is 20

and the maximum number  is 90.

Guided Tours are offered Tuesday – Saturday

Fee: $3 per participant


For more information and to schedule a program: or

Candi James:      (478) 926-5558

Museum of Aviation Foundation, Warner Robins, GA


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