2016 SkyScapes Poster Contest Winners

1st place
Kathy Hart from the Centerville Rotary Club presents prizes to the 1st Place Winner, Audrey Westray.

The Museum of Aviation Foundation honored 5 middle school students March 17, 2016 as winners in the 2016 Skyscapes Poster Contest.

The winners were:
1st Place          Audrey Westray

2nd Place          Ada Bergstrom

3rd Place           Alyssa Bonifacia

4th Place           Hunter Brandt

5th Place           Dan Tran

Each student received a certificate and prize.  Audrey Westray, 1st place winner, won a bicycle from Applebee’s.

A total of 91 entries were received from 6th-8th grade students at three schools: Evans Middle, Homeschool Students, and Huntington Middle School.  Students had to submit a drawing on 12” x 18” construction paper on the theme of “There are Drones Among Us.”  Each drawing was judged on artistic talent and creativeness in representing the theme.  The five winning posters will be displayed in the Museum of Aviation Century of Flight Hangar for the next twelve months.

The local volunteer judges were:  Kirk Scott, The Colony Bank; Kathy Hart, Centerville Rotary Club; Laurie Bremner and Patricia Williams of The Robins Officers’ Spouse’ Club;

The contest sponsors were:  The Robins Air Force Base Officers’ Spouse’ Club, The Centerville Rotary Club, Applebee’s and the Museum of Aviation Foundation.



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