Saturday Night at the Museum

Thank you Abby Adams for this wonderful post about our Night at the Museum event! We are so glad that you and your children had a great time. We hope to see you back soon for future events as well!

Abby Adams

Being a homeschooling mom in Middle Georgia can be tough. Field trip locales are usually few and far between, but one spot is a military brat’s dream, the Museum of Aviation.
My children and I come from a military background; my father is a retired Air Force Master sergeant and their uncle is a new recruit into the Air Force as well. The Museum of Aviation is one of our favorite field trip spots, so when we received an invitation as special guests to attend the museum’s Night at the Museum, we were extremely pleased to accept.

Pulling into the parking lot is always met with happy smiles from the kids, but this time we were pulling in close to the museum’s closing time of 5pm. Any other day they would have been disappointed by the short, rushed trip. Tonight was different.
Tonight after the doors closed to the museum, the…

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