Confession of an Intern

My name is Hillary. I am the Marketing Intern for the museum this summer and I have a confession. Before I came to the museum for my internship, I had not actually visited the different exhibits since elementary school. Because I lived about half of my college career looking through a camera lens as a photography minor, I was excited to explore and reexamine my hometown museum using my camera. These few photos were taken using a longer exposure time, allowing for brighter and crisper pictures in the darker exhibits without having to use a flash. Once I found a few images I liked, I used Photoshop to make some of the colors within the image brighter and more saturated. If you visit the museum this summer and you see a young woman awkwardly holding a 5-foot tripod in one of the exhibits, be sure to tell me “hello!”

-Hillary G. Strickland, Marketing Intern







3 thoughts on “Confession of an Intern

  1. I visited ur museum n oct,2011, was most impressed. Plan another trip July ,I want a pic of a jolly green&an A-1 sandy if possible. Not sure if u have an Oscar deuce , O-2 observer, a plus. Doing research and any help will b most obliged. Former 5CCG Troop,jun 74-Sep77 RAFB… THANX ,Dan Brown, not the other guy, haha

  2. These are great pictures. I find it almost impossible not to take pictures of every plane I pass. I actually live near Dayton, Ohio and frequently visit the Wright-Pat AFB Museum there. I couldn’t help but compare the two museums. Both are awe-inspiring. And I’m not just saying that because my son’s in the Air Force. 🙂

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